Top 7 Best Corded Drill Reviews 2017

A drill is a must have tool in every home, regardless of whether you are in the construction business or you just perform some simple DIY repairs from time to time. This power tool is extremely versatile and can help you in many situations. However, the number of drills on the market is so huge that it can get difficult to choose the best one. We will try to help you do this by presenting top corded drill reviews.

Table of content:

  1. Best corded drills list.
  2. Detailed review of best corded drills.
  3. Difference between cordless and corded drills.
  4. Pros and cons of corded drills.

Best Corded Drills List and Feature Comparison:

ImageNameMotor AmpsPriceRating
best corded drill reviewsDewalt DWD210G10.0$$$$5.0
corded drill reviewsBlack & Decker BDEDMT Matrix AC4.0$$$4.9
top corded drill reviewsPorter-Cable PC600D6.0$$$4.9
best corded drill reviewsBosch 1006VSR6.3$$$4.8
hitachi best corded drill reviewHitachi D13VF9.0$$$$4.8
top makita corded drill reviewMakita 64074.9$$$4.7
top corded drill reviewsCraftsman Bolt On4.0$$$4.7

Independent Best Corded Drill Reviews

7. Craftsman Bolt On

top corded drill reviews

The Bolt On is a great corded drill for those who are looking for a lightweight versatile tool to use on occasion. It’s equipped with a 4.0 Amp motor that provides a sufficient level of power and torque to drill/drive through a variety of materials. The Bolt On body is compatible with a wide range of attachments, which makes it one of the most versatile tools of this kind. The ergonomic design and light weight of the drill allow for easy use by both women and men.

According to the Bolt On corded drill reviews, this tool is best for using at home as it’s not exactly powerful enough to perform well at construction sites. It offers good value for your money and will serve you for many years. There are quite a few compliments for the quality of its metal attachments.

Take a look at the Craftsman Bolt drill price on Amazon

6. Makita 6407

top makita corded drill review

The 6407 is a small but powerful corded drill that should be able to meet all your drilling/driving needs. Its variable speed switch (0-2500 RPM) allows for a great level of flexibility when working with different materials. The handle design ensures easy grip and control of the drilling/driving process. The motor offers 4.9 Amp of power, which is enough to drill through metal, wood, and concrete.

The reviews for the 6407 corded drill are positive and praise the drill’s ergonomic design greatly. Users note the convenient location of the reverse button as one of the tool’s advantages. They also like that for such an affordable lightweight drill, the 6407 is highly efficient and versatile. The drill is so light you only need one hand to use it.

Check out the list of full characteristics and the price of the 6407 on Amazon

5. Hitachi D13VF

hitachi best corded drill review

The D13VF is a high-performance drill that features a 9.0 Amp motor. The power it produces is enough to drill/drive through anything efficiently. The cast-aluminum gear casing increases the tool’s durability and reliability. The drill also has a removable side handle that adds convenience and stability. The D13VF features an electronic speed control trigger that allows for greater flexibility.

According to the D13VF corded drill reviews, it’s one of the best tools of this kind on the market. Its high power level and reliability make it one of the most popular drills for construction professionals. The most important advantage of this particular drill is the fact that despite its powerful motor, it’s a relatively lightweight tool.

Learn more about the D13VF and its exact price on Amazon.

4. Bosch 1006VSR

best corded drill reviews

If you are looking for a lightweight, easy-to-use, and efficient corded drill, the 1006VSR is a great choice. It features a Jacobs ratcheting 3/8-inch keyless chuck that offers a secure grip on the bit and allows for easy changing. The lock-on switch has been improved in this model to reduce the risk of it locking accidentally. The tool’s main advantage is its power-to-weight ratio (6.3 Amp to 3.4 lbs.). It’s both lightweight and powerful enough to drill/drive through a variety of materials.

The 1006VSR corded drill reviews are full of praise for the drill’s efficiency and design. People like that it’s very easy to use and offers good value for its price. It’s a reliable and versatile power tool that will be a great help in any home.

Check out the Amazon price of the 1006VSR.

3. Porter-Cable PC600D

top corded drill reviews

The PC600D is an excellent corded variable speed drill with a 6.0 Amp motor that will meet all your drilling/driving needs. Note that it has a keyless 3/8-inch chuck, which allows for quick and easy bit changes. Its speed ranges from 0 to 2500 RPM and the variable trigger provides you with a great level of control and flexibility.

The vast majority of the reviews for the PC600D corded drill are positive. The lock-on feature, in particular, draws a lot of compliments as it makes prolonged use of the drill very easy. All in all, this tool is considered to be solid, durable, and efficient.

Take a look at the PC600D price on Amazon.

2. Black & Decker BDEDMT Matrix AC

best corded drill reviews

The BDEDMT Matrix AC is a highly convenient and versatile corded drill. The Matrix Quick Connect system from Black & Decker allows for the easy change of tool attachments. There are a great number of attachments available, so you can really turn this drill into almost any tool. The motor is 4.0 Amp, which provides you with enough power to handle any kind of material. The tool itself is relatively light and its ergonomic design makes it easy to handle. To reduce the risk of stripping and overdriving screws, as well as increase the level of control, the BDEDMT Matrix AC features an 11-position clutch.

The BDEDMT Matrix AC corded drill reviews are overwhelmingly positive. People like the fact that this tool allows multitasking due to the easy and quick changes of attachments. It’s a very affordable drill/driver that provides great value for its price. It also successfully beats one of the biggest corded tools disadvantages, which is the inability to work at an angle efficiently. Some of the Matrix attachments are designed to work at various angles.

To learn more about the BDEDMT Matrix AC and its exact price, check Amazon.

1. Dewalt DWD210G

corded drill reviews

The DWD210G is definitely the best corded drill available on the market. It features a 10.0 Amp motor that will allow you to drill or drive screws through any material. The motor has a special Dewalt-designed overload protection so you can be sure that the surcharge of power won’t burn it out quickly. The DWD210G also offers a 0-1200 RPM variable speed reversing switch and a 360 degree locking side handle. Both of them increase the tool’s versatility.

According to the vast majority of DWD210G corded drill reviews, this tool is highly reliable and extremely efficient. The design of the handle allows for a high level of control. The tool performs equally well when drilling/driving through wood or steel. Its keyed 1/2 –inch chuck guarantees a secure grip on the bit.

Check out more characteristics and the price of the DWD210G on Amazon.

Difference between Cordless and Corded Drills

The first thing you will need to decide on when you start shopping for a drill is whether to buy a corded or cordless model. Both options have their pros and cons that you will need to take into account in order to make a decision you won’t regret.

Corded drills are lighter, mobile and overall more convenient. This is the kind of tool that can be handled by both women and men with equal ease. All cordless drills can be turned into drivers, which increases the versatility of the tool. Many of the top models on the market have some special extra features that make this particular piece of equipment more convenient to use, like LED lights.

The biggest disadvantage of cordless drills is their lack of power. The most powerful of them are around 28V, which won’t be enough to perform some of the more difficult construction and repair work. You also need to remember that cordless tools rely on batteries that run out rather fast if you use the drill/driver often. The quality of the battery is an essential factor that determines the quality of the tool.

All in all, cordless drills are a good choice for those who value convenience over power. They are good for carpenters and DIY enthusiasts who love woodworking. However, if you want to do some heavier jobs, you will require a more powerful tool.

Corded drills are limited by the cord, but the power level they offer is vastly superior to cordless models. They are also more solid and a fair bit heavier. On one hand, this makes them more difficult to handle. On the other hand, this kind of tool is more stable when drilling through solid materials.

This type of equipment is better suited for professional contractors and carpenters, but quite a few households will benefit from one as well. Aside from the higher power level, corded drills also provide more consistent torque, which increases their efficiency greatly. They can also be used as drivers if you buy proper bits. According to the vast majority of corded drill reviews, these tools are a better choice if the cord isn’t a problem for you.

Pros and Cons of Corded Drills

If you decide to choose power over convenience and start shopping for a corded drill, you will need to consider all the strengths and weaknesses of this tool. This way, you will be sure that you won’t regret this decision.


  • Corded drills are very powerful.
  • Stable level of electricity provides a constant power supply.
  • More torque makes the drill/driver more efficient (can handle any material with the right bits).
  • This type of drill is more reliable and requires less maintenance.
  • Although heavy, corded drills have an ergonomic design that makes using them easier.
  • Your power is infinite (unless there is a blackout), so you can work for hours in a row with equal efficiency.
  • The drill is always ready to use (you don’t have to wait for the battery to charge).
  • The vast majority of the models have keyed chucks that are more reliable.
  • This type of tool is more economical.
    Cordless drills will develop problems with their batteries if they aren’t used regularly. If you only need a drill for occasional repairs, a corded model is a better choice as it can be stored for months and its performance won’t be affected.


  • The cord limits your range of motion.
  • You need to have access to a power outlet.
  • Corded drills are heavier.
  • Keyed chucks require more time to change bits.

Take the aforementioned facts into account and decide whether a corded drill is the right kind of tool for you. If it is, check out our top 7 corded drill reviews and pick the model that suits your needs best. Consider the clutch, motor power, design, and weight to pick a tool that will really be perfect for you.

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